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Calcium Carbonate a.k.a whiting


I've tried using CaC03 to raise GH and KH.  It's not a very good idea.  The 
stuff just doesn't dissolve very well in water and if you use a fine enough 
powder, you're going to get milky white water that'll take a couple or more 
days to disappear.  See my previous post on this topic at 

If you still insist on trying CaCO3, my recollection of my earlier internet 
research is that 1/2 tsp of CaC03 will raise the KH of 50 liters of water by 
1 dH.

Putting aside CaCO3, it's cheap enough to raise KH.  Use baking soda.  It's 
raising GH that's expensive.  I have yet to find an adequate substitute for 
Seachem Equilibrium, which is what I use now.



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