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re: Calcium Carbonate a.k.a whiting

> Putting aside CaCO3, it's cheap enough to raise KH.  Use baking soda.  It's
> raising GH that's expensive.  I have yet to find an adequate substitute for
> Seachem Equilibrium, which is what I use now.

On advice from Tom Barr, I use 1 part MgSO4 (Epsom Salts) to 4 parts
CaCl (Calcium Chloride). Epsom Salts are available in any drug store
(cheap!), and the Calcium Chloride you may have to search a bit more
for, though I found it to be much cheaper than Equilibrium. I purchased
it from the chemistry department in my high school where I teach. You
could go to chemical companies, or maybe even try plant nurseries.

Also on Tom's suggestion, I use Potassium Carbonate to raise kH. The
plants can always use the extra K, and then you are not adding the