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Sweet spot?

I have a 20 gallon tank here that does not seem to comform to the
general knowledge here.  I'm hoping for some suggestions/comments.

Tank Parameters:
20 gallon tall
heavily planted (dwarf sag, amazon sword, cyrpt. wendtii, H difformis,
Ludwigia repens, the ludwigia is very red) and heavy fish load
NO3 - 0
Fe - 0
Phospate - 0
dKh - 7
dGh - 7
Ph 7.5 (tap), 6.8 with DIY CO2
40 watts CF (AH Supply)
Clay Soil Conditioner for substrate
25% water change weekly
Supplement with flourish, flourish iron, flourish potassium and have
been using Hagen pro fertilizer (.6-.3-2.4)

I seem to get good growth but have problems with algae (the short green
hair stuff)if I attempt to push my iron, and/or nitrates to the
recommended levels.  In order to keep my iron at .1, I would have to
supplement every day or two.  For my nitrates, I would have to feed
twice a week.  If I attempt to do this then I get an explosion in algae
growth.  Maybe I should ignore the suggested levels?  I'm fine with less
then optimum growth with limited algae.  Maybe I'm missing something
else?  Suggestions or comments, greatly appreciated.

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