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Future AGA Convention Speaker Suggestions

After going over the tapes of the first two conventions I was really
wondering what speakers could they get for a future convention.  I'm sort of
surprised that the AGA BOD hasn't tried polling the members of the APD to
see what sort of ideas that you could come up with.  There is going to be a
Friday afternoon meeting at the NEC convention on April 12 of AGA members
and plant geeks so it might be a good place to discuss this.  Hopefully you
can add some names to the list and perhaps some names that the BOD didn't
think about.  I guess one name that springs to my mind is Claus Christensen
from Tropica.  I've actually heard him twice and both times I felt he was
the reason to be at the NEC.  The NEC has some real class speakers so this
is saying a lot.  I guess I would also wonder if George might be willing to
come out and talk to us?  Would you come to a convention specifically to see
George?  Now personally, after some posts earlier this month I would love to
see Daphne Freeman demonstrate her
http://www.actwin.com/fish/aquatic-plants/month.200203/msg00183.html deep
water tank cleaning methods :-) (I'm so amazed that nobody picked up on that
post).  Perhaps you have an idea for someone else in your local club that
has great pics or can do a really good talk on one specific type of plants.
If you were so inclined to go to a convention what sort of talks would you
like to see?  If you don't feel comfortable posting your suggestions to the
APD then please post them to me off list and I'll pass them on at the NEC.

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com