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Turface vs Schultz/Profile

Hello all,

I am setting up a new 110g and have been gathering info on substrates. I have found after much searching Schultz Aquatic Plant Soil but it is a bit pricey at $7 per 10 lbs. The color is lighter than I had hoped, but I do like the size of the product.

I looked up the prior discussions of Turface color, size, etc. and noticed someone had mentioned a newer 'dark' variety. Anyone seen this stuff? I'm looking for a dark substrate, maybe not as dark as Flourite - which BTW is hard to find locally in quantity and $15+ per bag. The Profile website just mentions that the Pro League color is that of a MLB infield. The pics at www.profileproducts.com/turface/ show a reddish brown color. 
Anyone got any photos of a Turface tank online?

I'm in the East Tennessee area and will have a gardening center place an order for me if I'm satisfied with the color (unless someone can point me to a supplier in the E. TN/Knoxville area). 


Dana Daugherty
Morristown, TN

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