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Re: Importing Aquatic Plants Into Canada

I've gotten a response from Marcel Dawson who is a Senior Plant Health
Officer with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Befitting a civil servant,
his answer was rather vague ;-).
But if you push them hard enough, even civil servants will come clean. Here
is what he told me:

"Please be advised that phytosanitary certificates are no longer required
for importing aquatic plants into Canada. Both the Permit to import and the
phyto were previously  requiremed under the Plant Protection Act and
Regulations which is administered by our agency.  However, as of December 7,
2002, the CFIA is no longer regulating aquatic plants as part of this
legislation.  Environment Canada is mandated to regulate aquatic plant

I've sent a note to Environment Canada asking if THEY have put any
regulations or requirements in place. Keeping my fingers crossed.......

James Purchase