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carbo plus vs co2, plants melting

> My tank parameters are after several hours of coo on:
> 260 watts vho, on for 9hrs afternoon to evening
> Co2 35 bbls/sec on with lights when lights are out, areation with air
> pump
> 75 gallon

I've tried aeration at night. Never seemed to do much overall and was
another item to deal with in my tank.

> gravel is 50/50 flourite and gravel
> PH 7.4 - 7.6
> KH 4-5 dkh or 71.6ppm

CO2. A pH of 6.6-6.7 would be a better pH.

> GH 8-9 or 143.2ppm
> Nitrite .3mg/li

This is rather high. This is NO2 correct and not NO3? If NO3, certainly
do a
water change and remove the NO2.

> Ammonia 0
> PO4/PO3 0-.5ppm
> Water here is pretty hard even with more Co2 the ph has not gone down
> past 7.4

You said 35 bubbles a second but I think you mean 35 per _minute_?
About 1-2 a second would be about right for your tank size and lighting.
You may want to consider the method that you are adding the CO2 gas into
tank. It seems like it's not getting diffused well, if at all. How are
adding the CO2 now?
After we get that straighten out nutrients will be then be used up
fast and we will work on that next. Get the CO2 issue solved first
Tom Barr


Sorry thats 35bbls/min with no strobes;), the pearling is also slight.
The Lights are 2 110watt vho's and one 40 watt 20k. About 5 inches above
the tank in the hood. The Co2 comes on and off with the lights.
Diffusion is by injecting the Co2 into intake filter of Eheim Canister
2026. I worry about leaving the Co2 on all night because of the fish. Is
there a safe starting point to do this without killing fish? I'd like to
do away with the aeration but i worry about the fish. No2-nitrite was
correct at 0.3mg/li the lowest reading on the Tetra test kit, maybe too
much decomposing plant matter. Question, if i do inject Co2 24/7, and i
assume the ph will go down (here the tap water ph is 7.8 to 7.6) when i
do a water change the shift in ph may be to great and kill fish, i have
a fine collection of rainbows i have become quite fond of among others.