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Re: Can I get a witness?!?

Kwek Leong wrote:

>For those who have ever received the moss from me, I need your testimony
>here.  In the last few days, a few folks have written to me privately but they
>seem reluctant to disclose their mailing address.  I suppose they are
>just being careful.  I don't blame them really.  I would smell a rat too if
>someone would to offer me something for free and pay for postage as well :)
>Well, it isn't exactly free as you have to make a donation to the defense
>fund first.  Please don't forget that.

Well, being careful is not unwise, but...

Many moons ago, KL sent me Xmas Moss and narrow-leaf Java Fern and they are 
now two of my favorite plants.  As a person, KL is without a doubt one of 
the most generous people I've ever met on the Net.  He is trustworthy and 
honorable and is not looking to scam or trick anyone.  He's just an 
aquarist like the rest of us and he's making a sacrifice to support 
something he firmly believes in.  You see, KL lives in Singapore and it 
would be difficult for him to donate directly to the fund.  By offering 
plants to encourage donations, KL is in effect donating to the fund 
himself.  It's as simple as that.  Don't be paranoid and miss an 
opportunity to meet a fine person and own some beautiful plant life and 
magical tea leaves.

KL, maybe this crap will soon be over so you can finally keep a moss wall 
intact!  I think your latest wall may be more beautiful than the first.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee