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The Name Game

Nicely put, but a shorter explanation is that Taxonomists seem to be pretty 
well organized into the "Lumpers" versus the "Splitters."  ROFL!!!!

Of course, the primary theory is that the FLOWER is the sole determinant of 
Family, Genus, and species.  Except for the exceptions.  And now we have DNA, 
which ought to yield quite a few new PhD Dissertations,  The first group 
"defining," the second group declaring "no, dammit, you are WRONG, Dog 

And then, just to keep things interesting, there will be the attempts to 
properly "name" "new" aquarium plants as they appear in the trade.

If you can keep your head when all about you are panicking, you apparently do 
not understand the situation!  Heheheheeeee!

So, we will all continue to do our best to eschew obfuscation to the best of 
our abilities, and all have a lot of fun with our planted tanks.  Beats 
arguing FISH taxonomy all hollow! 


(Besides, plants DO bloom, and some of the blooms are quite attractive, some 
even have nice perfumes.  Which fish do not!)