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Cork, Corys and we don't need no stinkin' driftwood.

I use black eggcrate on the back and sides of my 90 gallon. The top half is
planted in hygrophilia difformis, the lower shaded half in anubias
coffeefolia. For a while I trimmed the difformis by pinching off the new
growth. But what remained was ugly and eventually became so
algae/bladderwort infested that it had to be removed and started all over.
Now I pull the plants loose, pinch off the back part and replant the fresh
tips by just pushing them into the eggcrate. Much better. Wouldn't work as
well with cork, and you can't see it anyway.

I have five julie corys that somehow find enough to eat and do well. I put
some pieces of 1/2" pvc pipe at the back where it is hidden to provide caves
for whatever wants to use them. I know the clown loaches do, not sure about
the corys.

If you can't boil the driftwood, you might try leaving it out in the sun for
a few weeks. I've removed all driftwood from my tanks because I think it
introduces unknowns into the water that I'd rather not have to deal with.
Why put several pounds of rotting organic material in your tank? I'm in the
minority on this subject though.