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Stinky driftwood

Hi all,

I got a beautiful piece of driftwood from www.aquariumdriftwood.com in July 
and pieces of it have gone into 4 different tanks. In 2 of the tanks, the 
driftwood smells bad - kind of a sharp, rotten, swampy smell. In one of 
those tanks, I took the driftwood out & boiled it, and the smell went away & 
hasn't come back. In two of the tanks, it never started to smell. But the 
problem is in the big tank, the one in the picture. The wood stinks. I took 
it out & scrubbed as much of it as I could, but there's java fern growing on 
it, so I couldn't get in there, and also there are holes & crevices that I 
can't get into. How do I get it to stop smelling bad - is it BGA?

I am willing to sacrifice the java fern, but boiling it is out of the 
question - it is just too big. I do have a big sink (or the bathtub) I can 
put it into. Would bleaching it help? What concentration, and how long, and 
how do I get the bleach out after? The driftwood has never been dried out, 
so it sinks all by itself, and I'd rather not dry it out. Is there something 
I could add to the tank (planted & full of fish, but no shrimps) to kill off 
whatever is making it stink?

Sorry this is long.


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