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Re: Stinky Driftwood

"I got a beautiful piece of driftwood from www.aquariumdriftwood.com in July
and pieces of it have gone into 4 different tanks. In 2 of the tanks, the
driftwood smells bad - kind of a sharp, rotten, swampy smell."

I had the same problem with a locally collected piece. It smelled as 
you describe, but at 36" long it was just too big to boil. Out of 
caution, I removed it from the tank. I did finally boil it in a large 
turkey roasting pan, half at a time, until it achieved sink and was 
free of stink...lol. This did solve the problem.  I don't think the 
smell is BGA. Maybe bacteria of some kind. I would try boiling it as 
I did, if you can find a pan large enough to fit at least half in, or 
lots of very hot water changed frequently. In any event, when mine 
was in the tank originally and smelling as it did, I never did notice 
any ill effects, but it was unpleasant.

JoAnn -if you boil wood long enough you may actually wonder if your 
drywall might disintegrate ;)

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