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Re:Drs Foster/Smith

tsuh yang chen said, in part:

> i'd say, from my VERY LIMITED experience (one instance), give them a
> break 
> for now.  they are not perfect but they are trying.  one of the
> problems i 
> had was that they ran out of some items and didn't ship them but
> forgot to 
> take the prices out of my bill.  after one phone call, they corrected
> that 
> and issued credit to my CC.
> tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA

My concerns with this oepration is not the politeness of the staff, nor
the willingness to correct errors.  My concerns have to do with how
straightforward the company.  I think they say things that might
mislead a reasonable person.  I think it's unnecessary and inexcusable
and I hope they change.  So I hope folks keep posting about the Docs.

But right now there are better alternatives for me.  While price and
product selection are important to me, as is staff courteousy, trust is
very high on my list.

Scott H.

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