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Re: On line Wholesalers

Dennis8425 at aol_com said, in part:

> Regardless of which on line wholesaler you use please remember the
> old clause 
> "Buyer be aware."  

> One thing I would definatly check is the reputation of the dealer. 
> Will they 
> take an item back and give you full credit for it if it arrives
> defective?  
> Will they take an item back but your stuck with the cost of shipping
> both to 
> you and back to them?  How long does it take to get average refund? 
> How 
> often does there paperwork on returns get lost?  Do they tell you to
> take 
> your complaints to the manufacturer rather than handle them
> thereselves?  And 
> before ordering anything on line do they have a 1-800 number you can
> put your 
> order in and talk to someone who can promise you a shipping date?

Good points all.  However, I don't think anyone will promise a shipping
date except on special occasions.  More likely, they will tell you a
typical time from order to shipping out (gong into the delivery firm's
hands) and then tell you what UPS or Fedex (or whoever they use) quotes
for shipping times (again, not promises, but "typical" durations).

A promise would be great but probably very expensive in the long run. 
But "typical times" are acceptable to me instead of promises, so long
as "ship" means ship.

Scott H.

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