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Re: problem with water

> Paul K. writes:
> The increased pearling (percolating) in plants after a partial water
> is maybe in small part due to increased CO2, but most of it is due to the
> oversaturation of gasses in the water that just came out of the tap.  The
> gases escape from the surface, they escape into bubbles that form on the
> plants, and they escape into the air systems in the plant.  Just as a
> bubble on a leaf well grow bigger as the oversaturated gasses diffuse into
> it, so will the air volume inside a plant increase.  Result, an increase
> the bubbles coming from the plant that is not a result of increased
> photosynthesis.

Just another thought on this... When I switched from RO to tap water had a
similar experience, but different cause, I think.  I use a barrel to prepare
water for changes.  It usually sits for a day or more with a pump running.
I would assume that any gases are then driven off?  After water changes with
this "conditioned" water the plants would go crazy.  The tap water was
providing Phosphates that had been in very short supply with the RO water.
Now I add P (other than just water change) and a water change produces no
visible change in plant percolation rate.  The plant that demonstrated most
clearly the P shortage and benefit from small additions was Aponogeton
rigidifolius.  Not sure I would have seen what was happening if not for this

Jay Reeves

> Paul Krombholz in cool central Mississippi, with yet another high pressure
> from Canada, this one not as cold as the past two.