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Drs Foster/Smith... my thoughts and recent experience.

I recently did some business with them. I bought a pH pen and determined
very quickly that it was not a good pen (needed re-cal every use). I called
them, they sent me a RMA and shipping label and I put it back in the mail.

Three weeks went buy and I saw nothing credited on my credit card, so I
called them. It appears that it "never arrived" back to their RMA
department. After a brief "Can you please hold while I look into this", the
person came back and told me that they would re-credit my account - on faith
that I had sent it back.

I think they are just going through a conversion of systems, familiarization
of the acquired company policies, etc...

In other words, working the bumps out. I would gripe that yes, it is at our
expense, but their response to my "missing" return was right on the money -
and the type of treatment that will get them my repeat business.

- Jeff