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Weeds in the desert

I went to Anza Borrego State park which is a very large mountainous Sonoran
desert park in San Diego Co. They had 1.6 inches of rain so far this year
and things looked mighty dry, not much happening floristically. Typically
this time of year the entire place is pink, purple and yellow with
wildflowers, but it's been a very dry year. But yes, there were aquatics
growing there believe it or not. Right next to creosote bushes(Larrea),
Acacia and Ca palms(Washingtonia) in several small oasis.
A few man made pools containing a large number of desert pup fish( a nice
looking fish BTW) had Nitella growing very well.
Upper reaches had several stands of submersed Veronica, cattails, duckweed
and some Juncus. It's really amazing that there is water let alone aquatic
plants in these rare streams of water and marshland.
There really are plants just about everywhere.

Tom Barr