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Sucking up & grovelling


You left out the abject grovelling and sucking up that I am usually 
accustomed to from Japanese vendors when they, on rare occasions, make a 
mistake. On the other hand, when I make an error in copy you should see me 
grovel and suck up to the editor. I can do it with the best of them. Of 
course I try not to. Or my career as a reporter would have been over long 

Which brings us to the enjoyable part of this missive. I received a small 
plastic baggy filled with E cordiofolia seeds. At what temperature should 
these seeds be germinated? In what type of soil and at what depth of water 
should they been sown? I7d really like to know as daytime temperatures in 
Tokyo area are reaching 20¼C. I'd like to get an early start on growing 
these plants outdoors.

BTW  FREE BEER.....I should be loyal to my clientŠHeineken, but I'll have a 

>I don't believe he stated it was ordered via the Internet or mail order.
>You *do* have brick&mortar storefronts, don't you?

Edward Venn,
SMG Holdings Co., Ltd.,
Deux Chateaux Blanc 2-303,
1356 Kobuchi, Kasukabe,
Saitama, Japan

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