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Re: Sagittaria chilensis/sinensis

Hey gang,

A recent poster has asked about S. sinensis:

I've also seen it offered as S. chilensis.

Mr. Purchase repied about the name being valid. That
may well be the case, but I was sold the same plant,
and was *assured* that it was a trade name for S.

These plants are beasts. They came in the mail as very
healthy, emerse grown beauties about 6-8 inches tall.
I started with 8. Now I (my client) have 15-20 plants
that are 30-40 inches tall. I've thrown away 50. You
should've seen the look on my face when I saw this
plant after a couple of weeks after planting. The
eldest grew from a back corner of a 22" tall tank to
the top and all of the way across the surface! Not

I've seen the same plant offered as S. chilensis and
as a broadleaf Sag. It appears as S. platyphylla, but
all the previous platyphylla I've been sold stay
stouter, and reach 15-20 inches. Also, instead of a
vertical habit as for the "sinensis", the platyphylla,
I've seen, tend to create large "umbrellas". 

It may well be a variety of platyphylla that is poular
with the vendors now.....I dunno.

This name game is for the birds. I hate it. The true
name should be used (if possible) to ID and sell
plants so we know what the hell we're buying.

John Wheeler

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