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Cork Bark (Canadian & US deliveries)


I have constructed a virgin cork bark wall in the back of my 100 gallon 
tank.  As the Canadians amongst us know only too well, finding decent 
suppliers on this side of the border can sometimes be difficult.  So I just 
wanted to let everyone know about www.thecorkstore.com

They have locations in the US, Canada and the Czech Republic.  They also 
have associations with companies in Spain and Portugal.  I ordered 10lbs of 
flat pieces (C$4.13 per lb)and 5lbs of tube pieces (C$6.44 per lb).  Nearly 
20lbs arrived within a few days.  I don't know if I got a good deal or not, 
but Petland in Calgary were selling pieces at C$15.00 a (little) piece!  I 
paid C$73.50. Shipping and handling was C$16.00 and GST another C$6.27. 
 All in all, $95.77. No duty, no exchange rate and NO brokerage fees!  It 
was a thoroughly pleasant ordering experience!

Of course I ordered far too much to cover the 5ft x 2ft back wall.  Got 
loads left over, probably enough to do another similar sized wall.  My 
Christmas Moss, which I really think we should rename "Kwek Leong Moss" 
looks fantastic growing all over it.


JC in Calgary