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Re: Bubble rates and pH

Mary Alice Kropp asked

> So I should just let well enough alone and stop obsessing, then? <G>
> As I
> said, my pH is rock steady at 6.8, the plants are growing and
> bubbling like
> crazy and the fish are happy. I'll be happy, too! (And I did just
> donate, so
> is that a double dose of happy??? :) )

Bubble counting, while an enjoyable pasttime for those that don't enjoy
viewing their aquariums or even television, has to be taken with a
grain of salt.  Let you KH and pH be your guide.  If they are where you
want them (i.e., you have the CO2 levels you want), then don't worry
about the bubbles.  The bubbles are just a rough guide anyway.  If they
trebled or dropped in half, you'd probalby want to check it out,
including measuring KH and pH.

And donating is a double dose of happy.  BTW, triple ain't bad either.

Scott H.

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