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Clear water after Flourite?

Last Saturday I added 3 bags of Flourite to my 46 gallon tank and the tank water still has a milky haze to it.  I followed the advice of my LFS rep at The Wet Spot in Ptld,OR.  That is to thoroughly rinse and then gentlely place in the tank, taking care not to stir things up.  He said that I could expect the water to clear up within 24 hours.  Well, it did clear up from the brown color that it initially was but it has maintained a milky haze.  BTW I completed a 50% water change at the time that the Flourite was added and have since cleaned my filters out 2xs. (a Magnum 250 and a Penguin 280)

Can any of you offer any suggestions on how to get rid of this haze?

Thanks in advice.

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