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Bubble Size

>> not all bubbles are equal.
[jtm] I assumed some bubble size variations; I've been using a bubble size
that I've been getting here at home and biasing my estimate toward the high
side to allow for r^3 impact on volume.

>>Full fills are easy to test, since it is simply the net weight.  But I
have been shorted a half pound or so a time or two.
[jtm] My guess is some people may be relying on proper fills by their vendor
but are getting shorted as well.  1lb short on a 5lb tank would be quite
significant and probably not unusual.

>> As for leaks.  [snip]  those differences are very small especially
compared to the kind of longevity your calculations predict.
[jtm] Agreed

>> Are you calculating the amount of CO2 in a bubble based on a bubble at
standard atmospheric pressure?
[jtm] Yep, 1atm. Compared to 1atm (~30ft of water), 12" of water column in
the aquarium isn't going to make a significant difference in the size of the
bubble volume especially since volume varies with r^3.  So I don't think
that's it.

[jtm] I suspect the real answer is folks just make a rough estimate of
bubble rate rather than counting the total bubbles over a 1minute period and
averaging.  It's no big deal really for most folks but I'm trying to do some
realistic sizing on the needs for smaller (3-5gallon) planted tanks.

Thanks for the analysis help, ScottH!