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Dr. Foster a Myth

So the last time that I ordered from Dr.s Foster & Smith, that was last
Monday.  I called back the next day and asked if I could add to the
order and was told that I could not because the order had already
shipped the day before.  I wrote back later that day and asked for a
tracking number and was told there was none because the order hadn't
shipped yet, but if contact them on Weds, then I could get the tracking
order then.  Two days to get a tracking number after a package has

So I contacted them as advised (Weds, if you're keeping track) and was
told that no tracking number was available because the order hadn't
shipped yet.  But they would have someone call me back later that day
with the tracking number.  When no one called back by "close of
business" Thursday, I again asked for the number.  Friday morning I was
told the package shipped on Thursday and was given a tracking number. 
According to the tracking number, the shipping data was not entered
with Fedex until Friday, on which day the package was finally given to

Apparently, a lot of things mean "shipped" to the Doctor besides the
actual shipping of the package.  :-)

I am not so very concerned about it taking 4 days to process an order
into shipping.  But I am a little concerned about the Doctors' health
when they don't quite know when they have or haven't shipped a package.
 I *would* certainly be worried if I thought the Doctors were
intentionally misstating.  That would mean to me that might mislead
about other things.

Just for one comparison, when ThatPetPlace tells you a package has
shipped, the package is actually traveling towards you in the "hands"
of (formerly UPS but now) Fedex.

Score 'em as you wish,
Scott H.

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