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Re: Cleaning magnum micron filters

I too use a high pressure spray to initially clean my micron filters.  Then I bleach them and spray them again, letting them dry before putting them back into service.

However, I have come up with a way to make them run 2-3 times longer before they require cleaning.  I take a large sheet of low density filter cloth, the type used on drip plates, and I cut it into pieces 6" by 10.5".  Then I tuck one end of the cloth into one of the pleats on the micron filter and wrap the cloth around the filter tucking the other end of the cloth into the same pleat or the one next to it.  The filter cloth catches the larger particles freeing the filter to deal with only the smaller stuff.  This allows the filter to run much longer before clogging.  When it is time to change the filter I just spray off the cloth and bleach it too.

I swear by my Magnum 350s.  I have them on every tank.  I believe they greatly reduce the maintenance required (I never vacuum my tanks) and improve the biological filtration by removing organic material before it breaks down and has to be dealt with by the bio filter.



Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 20:14:43 -0800
From: "Will Earthlink" <tefsom85 at earthlink_net>
Subject: Cleaning magnum micron filters

This may have been obvious to everyone but me but I just figured out that I could 
use the $0.50 high pressure attachment on my garden hose to clean my micron 
cartridge.  Just use the stream to rinse off the outside and for extra wetness (you 
- - not the cartridge :), direct the stream to rinse from the inside. Just a couple of 
minutes.   (I used  to clean my magnum micron filters by rinsing off the micron 
cartridge as best I could and then soak overnight in bleach and then rinse the 
bleach back out.  Not my favorite chore.)    BTW.. discovered this as I am cleaning 
my cartridge daily due to GW... experimenting with PO4.... oops too much!!  hahaha


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