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CO2 Calculations

I spent some time researching CO2 stuff yesterday.  One gram of liquid CO2
produces 30.5cu.in. of CO2 gas at standard temperature and pressure.  A 1/8"
diameter bubble is about .001cu.in. and at 1bps you use 86.4 cu.in. (stp) of
gas in 24hrs.

A fully filled 5# (2270gm) tank of LCO2 should be capable of producing
69235cu.in. of CO2 gas. Note that these bottles are filled by net weight so
5# means a 5# net increase from empty to full if properly filled.

At 86.4cu.in. per day this should last 800 days. What's wrong with this
picture?  I haven't seen anyone claim 2+ years on a 5# bottle.

Some ideas:  no one really bubbles at 1bps, bubbles must be much bigger,
significant leaks are pretty common, improper fills shortchanging