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Calgary Aquarium Society's Spring Auction

Ladies & Gentlemen of the list,

The Calgary Aquarium Society is holding a Spring Auction on Sunday, March 
10th.  It is located at:

Crescent Heights Community Association
1101 2nd Street NW

Delivery of items 9 -10:30 am
Preview of items 10 - 11 am
Auction 11 am SHARP

For more information/selling items (you'll need a vendor number), please 
contact Dan at: (403)220-8910 (daytime) or (403)948-4629 (evenings); email: 
marentet at ucalgary_ca

I shall be taking along a selection of plant cuttings.  I am also planning 
to auction some extra equipment that I have.  The proceeds from which I 
shall be sending to the Defence Fund.


Joanna Curtis