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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1672

From Chuck Gadd:

>I'm interested in hearing what's wrong with the M3 valve.  I've
>been using one for a few years now, connected to the regulator
>I got from Dave.   They two play perfectly together, and I get
>very nice and precise control of the bubble rate.

Is that a Cliipard valve? Because I've got one, also from M3, and it
frustrates the heck out of me. Every time it needs adjusting (for example,
when I need to change the CO2 canister, it gets all out of whack), it seems
to take days to get it readjusted. Granted, we rigged up our own bubble
counter rather than purchase one, but a bubble is a bubble, right? Any hints
on what I may be doing wrong? (Other than obsessing, because both plants and
fish seem to be doing just fine, despite my best efforts to thwart that!


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