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re: artistic issues

Daphne wrote:

> Here is one of my problems.  I am particularly interested in not having
> plants plastered up against the front glass.  I like having lots of
> foreground so I can see the fish and they can move but it is difficult, at
> least to me, to make this work.  I always end up with a jungle!  I realize
> you can get a stunning tank with just glosso but I want more variety.  Any
> takers?

I'm having a hard time phrasing this...

Can't you pull out and relocate the plants that are plastered against the 
front glass?  :You know, to somewhere where they aren't plastered against the 
front glass?  You might even be able to just prune them, depending on what 
sort of plant they are.

That seems just a little too basic, so I suspect that your question might be 
worded more specifically.

Roger Miller