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RE: CO2 tank stand (was FREE BEER)


Pressurized gas tanks can be dangerous.  If the neck is broken off, which
could conceivably happen if a tank with regulator is knocked over, they will
take off like a rocket and can penetrate cinder block walls.  I've never
known of this happening to anyone, but a free standing gas cylinder is a
major safety violation where I work.  This is an area where caution is

The simplest thing, if your tank is next to a wall, is a length of chain.
Attach screw-eyes to the wall on either side of the tank and chain the tank
to the wall.  A more elegant solution for a free standing tank is to build a
box out of wood.  Use a square piece for the base, with a side about twice
the diameter of the CO2 tank.  Make the sides from four pieces at least a
third of the length of the tank.  Center the box walls on the base.  Make
the box only slightly larger than the tank, so it fits in snuggly.  If it's
art you're after, buy oak or maple handy-cuts from Home Depot and stain them
to match your coffee table.  Use cheaper pine if you want to paint it.

Joe K