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Problems with BBA

Greetings from an AGA lurker.
I have had a resurgence of interest in my planted 55gallon aquarium over the
past year.  I have become a plant maniac since the AGA Convention in
Chattanooga last Fall. Over the past year I've been a lurker on this list.
However, I now find myself in need of some help from the gurus on this list.
I have been replanting the 55G recently in hopes of trying to photograph the
finished product.  I assumed the appearance of BBA was caused by the
disturbance of the gravel. (the aquarium has been established for about 6 -
7 years.)  I've researched the archives and The Krib and have only managed
to confuse myself.  I now need someone to take me by the hand and say "do
this..." !! ;-)
I purchased a LaMotte Freshwater Aquaculture Test Kit that enables me to
test for ph, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, alkalinity, carbon dioxide,
chloride, hardness and dissolved oxygen. The following are the parameters
for my tank.
Aquarium: 55gallon
Lighting: 1x36w Sylvania Aquastar 10,000K and 2x55w CF for 10 hours (timer).
CO2 with Eheim diffuser 24/7
Filter: Eheim wet/dry canister
aquarium ph: 6.0
tap water ph: 7.0
Ammonia Nitrogen(NH3-N): less than 0.2 ppm
Nitrite Nitrogen(NO2-N): less than .05 ppm
CO2: 45ppm
tap water CO2: 5ppm
Alkalinity(CaCO3): less than 20ppm
Hardness(CaCO3): 15ppm
I would appreciate receiving advice regarding how to eradicate the BBA. TIA.
I eagerly await your help.

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