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RE: AH Supply, too much light, was Re: Dust Algae

LittleMousling at aol_com said, after quoting an earlier post:

'When I set up my 90, I did the math and installed 3 - 96 watt AH 
 Supply CF
 lamps in order to get 3 watts per gallon. Then I read that these
lights are
 160% efficient compared to the older lamps that the 3 watt rule is
based on.
 A combination of more efficient lamp and better reflector design. I
 off one of the lamps and that reduced a lot of algae troubles.'

Okay, technical question: If you've got a 2x36 setup (from AH Supply),
can you simply disconnect one of the bulbs or will it hurt the ballast
to be running just the one? "

The 96 watt lamps come with a single ballast for each bulb so it's easy
to turn one or two off.  The 36/40/55 watt pairs come with a single
ballast unless you order them with two ballasts.  I think the single
ballast is the same one used for the 96 watts lamps. If you have the
ballast for two bulbs, I'm pretty sure you want to operate two bulbs or
one bulb that closer the value of two bulbs.  There are over half a
dozen Workhose ballasts and the wiring schemes admit of dozens and
dozens variations.

Hope that helps a little,

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