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The Aquatic Gardener and artistic issues

I just received my latest issue of The Aquatic Gardener with all the
highlights of the AGA convention and aquascaping contest winners.  If you
aren't currently a member, I encourage you to join and get this issue!  It
is a wonderful magazine and the color pictures are beautiful.

On a related note, I have struggled with the artistic side of aquatic
gardening.  It is much more difficult to get a unified design than to get
your nitrate levels between 5-10 ppm!  Anyway, if this has been covered
before I apologize and must have missed that issue but perhaps one of our
artistic gurus would write an article in an upcoming issue on this
particular topic.  Perhaps even a series which runs for several issues. You
could point out things that do/do not work.  Secrets to a great design, that
sort of thing.  You know, like how pink neon gravel could clash with the
green bubbling lighthouses  he, he.

Here is one of my problems.  I am particularly interested in not having
plants plastered up against the front glass.  I like having lots of
foreground so I can see the fish and they can move but it is difficult, at
least to me, to make this work.  I always end up with a jungle!  I realize
you can get a stunning tank with just glosso but I want more variety.  Any