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Re: m3 Valve info

Jim Miller asked:
"I'm trying to narrow down some tech info on the m3 precision valve. Could
anyone owning one email me with whatever numbers are stamped on the sides?"

To which Dave Gomberg replied:
"I can't tell you because I gave my last one away, but I believe they come
from Clippard.  Sadly, the entire Clippard line is not up to the level of
slightly more expensive valves like the Fabco."

I tried to let this one go, really I did. In the spirit of coming together
to fight a common enemy, I wanted to set aside internecine differences. But
the code of the FUDbuster demands that I retort.

What Dave left out of his viewpoint, seen through crocodile tears, is that
he sells Fabco valves as part of his system. So he has a vested interest in
trashing the competition. Well enough, this is America. But Dave, can you
back that statement up with technical specifications that demonstrate said
differences in quality?

But what really galls me is this, from Dave's website:

"A good needle valve can now be had for as little as $25."
"A needle valve can be substituted for the check valve and I recommend doing
this, now that you can get a good needle valve for $25."

I don't know when needle valves were first invented, but I suspect that "a
good needle valve for $25" has been available for at least five decades. M3
certainly sold one well before Dave's latter day conversion. This after Dave
spread all sorts of misinformation about the uselessness of needle valves,
not to mention the ridiculous missives about end of tank dump syndrome.
Which he still has on his website, and which, I'm sure, still causes FUD.

And speaking of FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) Dave's site continues to
confuse people with the high-pressure versus low-pressure horsepucky:

"Low pressure CO2 systems:
Tank->high regulator->adaptor->low regulator->adaptor
        ->check valve->bubble counter->reactor
These systems are more expensive. I think it is hard to make them stable
without spending a lot of money. We do not recommend or sell them."

Well, duh. Nobody sells this system because of it's pointless complexity.
Why even bring it up?

Dave - Just put your system out there without any attending FUD, and let the
market decide. Using this list to confuse people violates its purpose.

And to answer Jim Miller's original question - Why not ask M3?

Tom Wood