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Emersed Growth Experiment

A couple days ago, I set up a ten gallon terrarium in
a spare room.  The tank has leaked and I haven't fixed
it yet.  It has a 2 inch or so layer of very wet
potting soil that I watered with Flourish, kno3, and
potasium phosphate enriched tapwater.  I placed some
Shinnersia rivularis, Rotala macrandra, R.
rotundifolia, and a stem of Limnophila.  I'm not sure
I expect that last one to adjust, but I'm hoping the
others will.  The Shinnersia is already showing some
sign of growth.  A stem in my 30 has grown out a hole
and is growing but slowly (as opposed to its rampant
submersed growth).  

The rotundifolia doesn't look so hot.  Looks almost
stunted, but it may come around.  I may try some micro

I'm doing this for a three reasons.  One is just to
see how plants I'm already familiar with look emersed.
I'd also like to get them to flower so I can get
credit for my club's AHAP program (credit equal to
vegetative propagation).  It would be neat to possibly
get some sexual propagation going as well (for the

Any suggestions?  I  think the window it is most
exposed to is a North one.  Some West too.  I have
entertained the idea of running a yeast co2 line in.

This should be neat.  Especially for flowering crypts,
although I know nothing about their ability to go from
submersed (as I would likely get them) to emersed.

Thanks, Cavan

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