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Please keep it civil

Folks, [Redacted]  Nevertheless, we all want to
maintain our nice comfy spot on the moral high ground; please refrain from
name-calling, profanity and such.  There's really no benefit to sinking to
the level some people prefer to occupy.  

And, for the record, yes Jack - I do have comments.  One is that your
continued insistance that you were blocked from posting when all this
originally came up is no more true today than it was then.  It simply
didn't happen.  Again, your own lack of understanding was the problem.
And your posting privileges weren't "restored" because they were never
removed.    I continue to be unwilling to bear the responsibility for your
previous inability to satisfy the "demands" of the list software.   I don't
edit or delete posts; I DO trash incorrectly-sent emails that bounce to me
via the error processing function of the software.  I don't have time to
deal with them - or even read them.   This is not new; I've done this for
the last three or four years.  

I have other comments, too, but making them in this forum would merely
undermine my reputation as a lady.

This will be the last time I defend these issues here; as far as I can
tell, there's really no need.

APD ListMom