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Re: Mangroves

> Tom I'd like to clarify something: you mentioned mangroves won't have any
> problems in fresh water tanks? Then I'll start looking for some,

They do great in FW. Had them for years. They only get nicer.
> when you mentioned they require intensive lighting how do we measure? i
> guess u can't do watts per gallon so how about a single or double 2' fixture
> hung approx 1' (more less) from the plants?

That would be enough. They live in full sun in the topics so it's hard to
over do it.

 I've never kept plants before
> except for the plants in my aquarium so sorry if this question sounds silly;
> I've grown grass in a cup before in elementary school = )
> I'm assuming the mangroves don't need watering? but do i need to moisten
> their leaves?

I just make sure the roots have water from the tank flowing by.

> I'm planning on converting my aquaclear 300 into a plant filter supporting 1
> (maybe 2 iff it fits) (side comment: i recent purchased one of those newer
> tetratec power filters with a small version of the wet-dry built in, those
> things are huge, but the wet dry part makes too much water 'girgling' noises
> drives me nuts)

Neat filter IMO. But I can see thy point.
> the aquaclear 300, I currently have on my 48 gallon discus tank but it's
> bare not planted, don't know if this matters but the nitrate levels are 5ppm
> in this tank and not tracable in my planted tank with a hagen test kit.

Since it's bare and the filter is small, I assume your doing lots of water
The mangroves will not pull out NO3's like pennywort or other fast growers.
I'd just put some water sprite floating in there. If the mangrove looks good
and is easy top add, go for it.

> would the conversion to a plant filter have any significant effects on the
> nitrate readings?

Not that plant
Tom Barr
> thanks in advance,
> Raymond Wong