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Re: Hydrotriche hottoniiflora

>Relatively easy plant with spiky 
almost cactus like leaves (spine like).
>Nice plant. I kept it for about 4 years. Makes nice groups. Likes light 
>higher NO3s(10ppm to 15ppm) to grow better(you may not want this).

I got mine from Tom... kept it for over a year now.... For me, it grows
under leaner conditions:
light=2.5wpg (320 watts for 20"x48" water surface), NO3<5ppm...PO4 very
low. KH=2-3 It has been very prolific and flowers regularly when I allow 
to get to the surface. Unlike some stem plants, it doesnt grow out of the
water, but starts to grow along surface and flowers.


Never heard of this plant until a few days ago. After seeing the beautiful pics and reading the above description I really want to give it a try. I must have missed the digest where a source was given and since I have another question about it may I ask where can I get it without checking the archive?
Question: Does anyone who has kept this with larger SA cichlids know if they consider it a good nibbler?
I can grow Swords, Giant Vals, Aponogetons, etc. with no problems from nibbling. But not Hygrophila, Ludwigia, etc. 

p.s. When the larger cichlids die their natural deaths there will be no more. I am moving to more plant friendly fish through attrition. 

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