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CO2 Tank Durations?

I'm trying to finish the research on compact CO2 system construction.  I'd
appeciate receiving email indicating size of your CO2 tank, bubble rate and
how long before refills.  I'll post compiled results back to the list along
with my final pressurized setup details.

My goal is to come up with a small, safe (people and fish) CO2 system which
has minimum visual impact to use with small planted tanks.  Mine is probably
an extreme at 3 gallons.  I'm not building anything for sale so anything I
come up with will be a DIY.

BTW, I'm now running a 20oz gatorade yeast bottle to see how the tank and
plants react.  The gatorade bottle is much easier to handle due to its
thicker walls, wide flat bottom, short height for concealment and wide mouth
for filling.  I noticed in the store yesterday they had 32oz gatorade
bottles which were slightly taller but mostly wider for even better
stability.  A limewood diffuser gives two beautiful nearly invisible streams
of tiny bubbles which seem to react nicely without a lot of added equipment.
pH is now around 6.8 and holding steady after 2 days.