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Re: Ludwigia repens

Ludwigia is a somewhat demanding plant.  If you want it to thrive and 
flourish, then it really does much better with 3 watts per gallon, 
supplemental CO2, and good nutrients.  I'm not saying it won't grow without 
all these things; it's just that if you want to see the gorgeous red colors 
and large show-off leaves, you'll have to give the plant more of everything.  
I can tell you from experience that CO2 makes a HUGE difference with Ludwigia.

> I finally have seen enough photos to ID my mystery stems as Ludwigia repens.
> It has done poorly although hasn't completely died.  It may be too late to
> save what I have but if I ever aquire some more in the future what are the
> secrets for it to grow descently?  I suspect my problem with it has been
> inadequate light.

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