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Dupla Supplier

I  was very pleased in my dealings with Roger at Aquatek (
http://www.aquatekfish.com ).  I purchased an 80cm Creative Dupla
system($99), mostly as a cheap way to get substrate heating(nutrient
movement).   The  system uses a foam pad which the heating cables weave
through.   Eight plastic trays sit on the foam, allowing one to be
"creative" in their placement as needs/desires change.  Still, I don't
see myself moving the trays often.  To this point,  I have been very
happy with plant growth on the 40 gallon breeder tank  (up for 3 weeks
now with DIY CO2, 1.8 watts per gallon of T-8, 7 SAEs, 5 Otos, 6 Rosie
Barbs, 4 Cherry Barbs).  I did get creative in one instance, filling one
of the trays with sand for yet to be introduced kulhis, as opposed to
the gravel/flourite mix in other trays.   Note:  the system requires
supplemental heating.

As a newbie who prowled the list for months before finally "going live",
I want to thank the many who contribute and make setting up a planted
tank so fraught with choice.