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if I had a man's name would this post get answered??

reposting again and wondering if a "boys" name would
illicit an better response?
is the aquarium plant hobby a "boys club"??
I'm beginning to wonder...

I would like some advice on planting a 29G long.
I had some nice plant growth but things went south and
I would like to start again.
H2O parameters I am not sure of, I know I ahve to get

ph 7, nitrates low .020 or .20?? not sure juts know
they are low.

substrate...laterine, mixed size gravel and small
patch of sand.

fish load...4 cory cats, 4 clown loaches, 4 rainbows,
1 betta

110W of compact flours.

I would like to an nice looking and healthy tank!!
maybe some tall plants in the back?
tank is 12" deep X 36" long X 18" high.

Any advise appreciated!!! email me off list if you
would like.


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