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Re: Lamotte CO2 kit

While a CO2 kit isn't an essential, the LaMotte kit is one of their 
cheapest kits. In addition to double checking your chart CO2 reading, you 
can use it as a check of either your pH or your KH test, since with any two 
readings you can derive the third from the chart (assuming, of course, that 
the carbonate/bicarbonate system is the only one operating). Not only is 
the CO2 test fairly easy, but with a good eye you'll be able to get a 
pretty precise reading. I do think that for us planted-tank folks this 
extra information is handy whether or not you inject CO2. I don't think 
anyone maintaining a planted tank, dosing fertilizers and performing other 
various tests would call a titration test difficult. Just perform it in 
good light against a white background.

I agree with Daphne: the best pH tests are the (various) LaMotte 
narrow-range kits. With a practiced eye, you can estimate your pH to about 
0.05 units, making chart-derived CO2 readings that much more precise. At 
lamotte.com you can see their ranges and order as well.

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Jared Weinberger
jared at brainyday_com