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Re: Hydrotriche hottoniflora

Hi Rachel,
I am not an expert on the plant, but I have a large stand of it in my 125 
gallon tank. I got my original piece from Paul Krombholz at the AGA 
Conference last November.

It is listed in the Tepoot book, Aquarium Plants, The Practical Guide, but 
that is about all I could find out about it.

My experience with it: H. hottoniflora does well in a high light, CO2 
injected tank. I dose TMG. It is bright green in color. A nice feature of 
this needle leaf plant is that in my tank the stems keep their leaves all the 
way down to the substrate. They do not become leggy, and so look nice in full 
view and don't have to be placed behind wood or rock for aesthetics.  They 
are a nice stem, in that they are steady, but not fast growers, so they 
require pruning every month or so in my tank, not every week. I originally 
snipped the stalk before it reached the surface to try to propogate the 
plant, and it would eventually "Y" out, but if you let it grow and spread a 
bit on the water surface it will branch out on its own and then you can snip 
the shoots. Never available in any of my LFS.  The H. hottoniflora in my tank 
can get 2 1/2"-3" wide in diameter, meaning from side to side. The plant has 
needle leaves with 12-16 leaves spaced every 1/2"-1" along the stem in a 
circular pattern, like the face of a clock.

A very nice stem plant for those of us who don't like fast growing stems.

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