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Re: Who's left?!

John Wheeler wrote:

>Hey gang,
>Neil Frank wrote:
>>>What is predominant on this list?  
>- - weed choked jungle?
>- - artistic aquascape (oops.... no one left in that
>category :-)<<
>Not fair! We're all still here....just there too;)

I have been baiting you guys and I finally got a hit!

Glad to hear you guys are still here! 

>What is it that you deem "artistic"? 

I find beauty in the artistry of the aquatic plant by itself and in many
communities of species. I am moderately color blind, so I can't appreciate
subtle color differences. I favor plants with provide a lot of contrast
between dark and light green; a large percent of red red plants which to me
appear darker than green plants; and of course, different textures, sizes,
shapes, etc. It is hard for me to find a plant that I dont like, and as
someone once said, some of my tanks have collector's clutter. If the tank
is large enough and if each plant is allowed to grow out to occupy a good
amount of space, however, the random collection of healthy plants
apparently turns into a nice aquascape. No planting plan involved. Karen
has published a picture of my 125 gallon tank at least a dozen times and
she has finally conviced me that there is artistry in my aquariums. I think
by definition, we are all interested in aquarium plants because of their
inherent beauty. So, whether we like it or not, we all subscribe to TAOPA.