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RE: Who's left?!

> Neil Frank wrote:
> What is predominant on this list?
> - weed choked jungle?
> - artistic aquascape (oops.... no one left in that category)
Having read a lot of the archives, I've got to believe that the list
readership (or regular posters) turns over with a 6 month time constant.

My astectic approach is probably closest (in my dreams) to terrestial
wildflower garden (see for example the works of Ken Druse), as oppose to Zen
garden (Amano-san) or English country garden (Dutch).  I kind of dislike the
dutch style, or anything that resembles a sterile "plant collection."

If I have to say why I'm spending my free time with this stuff I would say:

1) To understanding the world.  Since setting up the plant tank, I know a
little more about global warming and why chicken shit is not good for the
Chesapeake bay.  I'm finally starting to understand what pH, N-P-K, and
eco-system really mean. I'm not interested in anyone's receipe or secret
formula (just use our Mighty-Brighty-1-2-3!)  I hated TFH and tetra
publications when I had aquariums as a kid.  (Anyone want to try writing
more books for us non-kids ala Randell?) I work with scientists and live
with an artist.  I'm trying to do a little of both in the watery money pit.

2) I like gadgets and home built equipment.

3) That and the ability to be god of a cubic meter...

Joe K

In parched Takoma Park, MD.  Would I be insane to irregate in March?