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holes in my aponogeton boivinianus

I know I read something about this before but I haven't been able to find
it again. I have a beautiful specimen of A. boivinianus that was doing
really well. Then one leaf started disintegrating. It seemed to be eaten
up in patches. The green material in between the veins turned brown and
then disappeared. Eventually, the entire leaf turned brown. Now I see the
same thing happening to the other leaves. All the other plants in the
tank are doing well, including eleocharis acicularis, rotala wallichii,
small crypts and hygrophila. I have a 46 gallon tank with 144 watts of
light. (I think it's too much light for a beginner like me) I have
fertilizer in the substrate and DIY CO2. My nitrites are 0,  I have only
had a full load of fish for about a week so  my nitrates are very low.
Could that be the problem ? I'd really like to keep this plant. It's so
beautiful! Any suggestions greatly appreciated. TIA
Carol Polak