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pom-pom algae

For everyone who is also fighting what we have recently been calling
"pom-pom" algae on the list, I have a solution, well sort of.  I finally was
able to get more Amano shrimp as well as FFF.  Clumps of the algae have been
disappearing.  I thought it was the Amano's since I saw one that had dark
green across his back (under the shell).  Not sure if their stomach's are up
there or not.  Then I actually saw three FFF trying to eat a small clump in
the water column.  Unfortunately, one 3 occasions I have observed a FFF
chasing a ghost shrimp biting at it.  To it's credit, the ghost shrimp faced
it and tried to back it down.  I haven't noticed them chasing the Amano's,
perhaps they aren't as delicious?  I have found no dead shrimp but haven't
seen many of either variety out much.

So here is the dilemma, the FFF eat the offending algae but appear to like
to chase and possibly eat the ghost shrimp as well...