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**DIY CO2 Problem**

Hello all,

I'm planning to start planting in my 10 gal established tank.  Yesterday I started a DIY CO2 bottle according to the "microbrew" instructions on the Krib.  I put the airstone in the tank last night to observe the effects of the CO2 on the pH of the tank.  This morning I was alarmed to see that the tank water had turned completely cloudy (almost murky with a yellowish tint).  I was alarmed at first, but the fish did not seem to be affected.  Currently I've got a juvenile Jack Dempsey, two Tiger Loaches, and a Pleco (and no plants).  All of them seem to be fine, I even fed them this morning and they seemed to have their normal appetites.

At first, I thought that maybe some of the yeast solution had siphoned into the tank, but that was thrown aside when I realized the bottle is sitting lower than the tank and therefore could not siphon back into the tank.  Now I'm thinking that maybe the increased level of CO2 has caused some sort of algae bloom?  Is this possible?  If not algae, what could it be? 

Has anyone else had this happen to them?