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Re: CO2 diffusers with DIY ?

|Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 21:17:12 +0800
|From: "Jon Hammond" <mrbishi at iinet_net.au>
|Subject: CO2 diffusers with DIY ?
|I was wandering has anyone had any luck with eheim co2 diffusers with DIY
|co2 ? Another memeber and a friend on the list - Vince Chye has a scintered
|glass / ceramic model which looks very similar to the ehim that works with
|DIY and puts out ultra small bubbles.
|Anyone else experieced this ? I think this is the most neat and non imposing
|way to inject CO2 into my new 6 gal 1ft cube tank
|Jon Hammond

Hi Jon,
A while back, I had made a DIY diffuser.  It consisted of a regular air hose, a
sponge from a whisper 300 filter, and a small tera-cota pot (sp?).  I placed the
pot upside down in the corner of my tank.  I then placed the sponge in the hole
about half way.  I believe I actually cut it down to fit in the hole.  I then
placed the air hose down into the hole along side the sponge.

With this method, I saw the CO2 bubbles suspended in the sponge, and very few
actually let go.  Hope this helps